VachSoch is a combination of ‘Vach’ + ‘Soch’  where Vach means ‘well spoken’ and has its origin in  Sanskrit [Vach is a variant transcription of Vachya (Indian)] and Soch means ‘thought’  [origin : Hindi ]

VachSoch Blog & Services focus on the originality, depth, relevance and importance of dual-thoughts.

Laying its foundation on interdisciplinary learning and applications, VachSoch develops and shares stories based on well researched Scientific (STEM) and Art areas.

Digital Content for VachSoch Melange Tagged entities


To define the concept of Zero (Nothing) and Infinity (Everything) through inter-disciplinary approach.

Mission :

To be a ‘niche content service’ for ‘dual concept/idea/research/initiative/program/service/organization’. To explore the intellect, intuition and information potential in complimenting fields that can be put to good use in current times.
VachSoch’s  Complimenting Fields (2016):
Science and  Art
When you go deep in science you see artists performing and when you observe the art you feel the science forming @VachSoch
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VachSoch Segments
VachSoch content is being nourished in three different sections (on website)
1. GoTo Pre-Internet Era – It is about going back to the roots for an artist, going back to the drawing board for a scientist and all about cherishing, learning, curating the ‘gold’ in the history (pre-internet era)
2. Live the NOW – It shares stories that reflects on current trends, news and developments or extinctions.
3. Nurture Next – Here we embark a journey to develop thoughts and its manifestations that we should ‘pass as’ to our next generation.
Bonus Page :  VachSoch Images & Hypotheses
Just like a writer has a back page on his/her diary, this is an additional page for VachSoch.
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Dual-Concept and Melange Tags:
The most simple and powerful way to spread your dual-concept is through VachSoch Mélange-Tags.
For example: If you work for a Language Teaching Course, your Mélange-Tags could be Basics+Proficiency or Vocabulary+Expression…

More about VachSoch’s Mélange-Tags?

Melange Tags are mix of two tags for a single cause. For Example your organization or research deals with urban development and ecological research together and you want to promote your service/concept through VachSoch Melange-Tags you may ask VachSoch to develop content on  “Urban Designs + Ecological research” or “Urban Construction + Sustaining Bio-Diversity”

 Note : VachSoch, together with its ‘#thoughtmates’ aims to build new digital landscape under above three mentioned sections with new set of stories, concepts, and tools to help enhance the digital presence of your ‘dual concept/idea/research/initiative/program/service/organization’
Wish you happy thoughts!!