10 Questions to BotMakers on Chatbots

Since ages we have talked just “ok” or “click” “click” or “remind me later” with our systems. Now, the time has come to upgrade the talking! Our ‘Future’ asks for intelligent machines, which can do much more than yes/no for people in various fields to let us all have more time as “Humans”.Apps helped and now they are handing it over to the next revolutionary breakthrough-”Chatbots”

Are we good to adopt this new conversational interfaces in our professional and personal life? Be it in America or Europe, Asia or Africa,Australia or Antarctica,are the conversational interfaces with personalities on our systems all set to redefine the man-machine communications? Have they progressed well to mark new beginnings?

Considering ‘Now’ is the time to solve the chatbot equations, VachSoch conceptualized and developed a foundation podcast series on Chatbots  called BotCast1.0,where bot makers,designers,bot company founders & promoters from across the globe threw light on some important aspects regarding this evolutionary & revolutionary technology.

BotCast 1.0 is an attempt to capture the ‘chatbot entry’ in crucial fields like education,healthcare, business & art. The speakers were asked  10 questions before they got to the online recording room to chat in detail.


  1. Your definition of a Chatbot?
  2. What is your Bot/Bot Service called?
  3. How you build Chatbots or deliver a Bot Service?
  4. Your Bot Philosophy?
  5. What value your Bot/Service Brings? to whom?
  6. Who are the early adopters of your Bot/Service?
  7. Future of Man-Machine Interaction?
  8. What’s Hot & What’s Not for a chatbot?
  9. Your Bot achievement? and Challenges?
  10. Good time to adopt a chatbot?


Each answer from these passionate botmakers brings forth e-information worth paying attention to.

Sharing snapshots with episode links

BotCast 1.0 – Business-With Sohan Maheshwar from Gupshup- India

Episodes running on SoundcloudStitcher; TuneIn;


Sohan Maheshwar, Developer Evangelist,Gupshup

“Right now chatbots provide e-commerce companies a new channel to interact with their customers.If done right,chatbots can offer a personalized experience to a customer over messaging that can increase clicks and sales.One business segment where chatbot will create huge impact is’customer support’. In the current customer support model, email takes way to long for critical queries and no one wants to listen to piped music on the phone for 10 minutes.Chatbots circumvent these problems.”



BotCast 1.0-Art-With Mark & Ryann-USA

Episodes running on SoundcloudStitcher; TuneIn;


Mark Stephen Meadows,Founder & President at Botanic

“’s more that the bot world is currently being invaded by the art world.Bots need art.They will be indigenous citizens of virtual and augmented reality, they will have rich personalities, be highly social, people will prefer them, in many cases, to human counterparts,they will know us, predict our behavior, advise us, and therefore they will be authenticated so we can trust them for starters.”


Ryann Wahl, Published writer & Conversation Designer at
“Authentication and regulation of bots is going to be really important for our future, we really don’t have that right now. On another more  idealistic note, I will really like to see bots move from just assistance who can order you pizza or buy you things online..from that to having more potential to create social change and doing really positive things for the world.”


BotCast 1.0 – Health-With Cristina Santamarina- Spain

Episodes running on SoundcloudStitcher ; TuneIn

Enter a caption

Cristina Santamarina,Founder and CEO at bots4health

“Healthcare chatbots can be used for consultation booking with specialists,for getting answers to health related queries, obtaining an initial diagnosis for a discomfort,public health surveys,fitness,nutrition and most importantly, they can be seen as informed healthcare friends for women to cover a great chuck of their health needs on an easy, on the move way based on very short & frequent interactions.”



BotCast 1.0-Education-With Kristian Berge-Norway

Episodes running on SoundcloudStitcher ; TuneIn


Kristian Collin Berge,Founder and CEO at Edtech Foundry. Entrepreneurship lecturer at UiO

“Bots have huge potential to increase student engagement,which teachers see as the biggest thing they can make use of, to improve learning outcomes in their courses.”

“An education bot developer needs to be a pedagog and teacher first, an interaction designer next and finally an engineer to know what activities the bot should trigger,how & at what time to intervene and finally to build it.”

BotCast 1.0- Health- With-Hajnalka Hejja-Germany

Episode running on Soundcloud; Stitcher; TuneIn


Dr. Hajnalka Hejja, MD,Founder at MediLad

“I  think we will witness a bot revolution soon, with a bot for everything in healthcare. The style,design,measurement metrics,framework and positioning of the bot matters a lot.Different customer segments do not resonate to the same messages and same brand,even if the functionality of the product is the same.This is why I think that creating not only framework, but personality of the chatbot is very important.On the other hand, we have to ensure that the outgoing information and the stored data is high quality.”

BotCast 1.0 – Business-With Abhi Garg- India

Episode running on Soundcloud; Stitcher; TuneIn


Abhi Garg,Head of Products and Digital Strategy, NetSolutions

“Bots are mini-disruptions.They place the control of the communication firmly in the hand of the customer and once a business starts designing the journey with customers in mind,then bots make a natural fit.A chatbot is a  digital point, a conversational interface,which enables rapid information distribution.It removes friction and artificial barriers that get erected when we observe non-office hours,week ends and holidays.Based on what one is after,chatbots have the potential to be wikipedia on steroids.”

BotCast 1.0 – Business-With Chris Greenough-Malaysia

Episode running on Soundcloud; Stitcher; TuneIn


Chris Greenough,Managing Partner at POTENTIO & Co-founder of HYPERLAB

“Chatbots are an evolution to the now infamous “lead generation form”. They can actively sell, vet and directly link to a purchase or salesperson to close the loop in a single session.You see them performing well on many business fronts. Now, you have chatbots for performance marketing(go strait from ad-to-chat); Chatbots for scaling sales & support teams(Vetting leads, translation, reporting);Chatbots for managing a mobile workforce (Solving workflow challenges and offering real-time analytics);Chatbots for delivering great customer experiences(Delivering value-added-services through chat, eg. Concierge services).”



BotCast 1.0 – Art-With Ari & Kevin- USA

Episode running on Soundcloud; Stitcher; TuneIn

Ari & Kevin,EmojiSalad

Ari Zilnik,Senior UX Consultant at Lab49,Organizer- Bots of Brookyln meetup

Kevin Scott, Desingineer, part time Bot Builder,Organizer – Bots of Brookyln meetup

“We are as much designers as we are developers.We need to understand what users are looking to do as we build our products.It’s a delicate balance between design and development. And the future of user-experience design for chat-based interfaces is personality design”


BotCast 1.0 – Business-With Arik Marmorstein- Israel

Episode running on Soundcloud; Stitcher; TuneIn


Arik Marmorstein, Founder Mimoona, a leading Israeli crowdfunding platform.

“As long as AI does not have humane abilities to understand everything,bots will have simple,guided flow, that makes UX beneficial to the user.Every minute a customer service rep spends answering the same repeated question it qualifies as wasted resource, bots can very well replace them in such repetitive tasks.”


BotCast 1.0 speakers in their answers clearly indicated that we are soon going to witness a paradigm shift.A new and evolved technological era awaits us, where we have relationships with intelligent machines that enable us to be more “human”, do a more fulfilling job, stay healthy,be an enlightened artist, a family person, an interesting geek, learn more and in better ways and most importantly, live with innovations that convergence of art & science brings in such technological forms.

When asked what is the right time to go for a chatbot in any sector? Any guesses?

Give a listen to the future of conversational interfaces in our daily lives, check out BotCast1.0  feed  at .

Info: BotCast 1.0 is now on iTunes too.

Having shared the e-information,here are some numbers & equations from business insider to chew, regarding emotions, for now, let us use the comment window below!












What is Your Brand Content Type?-Pick A Color-#VachSoch

(5 min read )

*This piece is posted under the “Know Now” category, where you  read a news, get to know about the current trends or fads , understand smart technologies, test a hypothesis ,talk research, observe environments,but, not the usual way! Introducing this category to explore the potential of interdisciplinary approach. Here is a modest attempt to take the numbers, the data  (equation)and their stories(emotion) together to paint and showcase useful information (e-information).*

 #VachSoch Melange Tags :  Color Symbolism + Corporate Content #

“#Content-type-matters : You remain a debri if you don’t choose the contents of your corporate content in this time of digital Big-Bang. @VachSochClick To Tweet

We all know color, music, words have lasting impressions on human minds and hence the business world is full of Logos, Punch Lines, Jingles and other related promotional stuff.

Psychological studies say color can sway thinking, drive actions, instigate reactions.Using this if we observe deeply we will find it happens the other way round too..i.e. management thoughts, team actions, customer reactions they all can be associated with a color…give it a thought!

The front-end or ‘the user interface’ definitely tells a well planned and designed story but the real work happens at the back-end, its type and details decides how effective or impactful  your message would be in this ever expanding , fast changing digital world.

If the message conveys need satisfying features,authenticity,consistency in a well said manner, it will directly make your brand knowledge equation have a stronger value and hence better positioning and more consumer mind space.

“Working back stage is tiring and optimizing things there can be a towering task, one near simple way would be developing a color based personality of your service,product, people, objectives, events.. in short making your corporate ecosystem follow a color culture”

Color symbolism is a great science to understand for brand promotions to work effectively for your Brand Knowledge Equation. So if your service is to provide rejuvenation & relaxation or luxury feeling through spa,you may go blue.


Just painting the logo blue won’t work, you need to mean it. From your decor, to the nature of the employees that are present in the ‘Moment of Truth’; From founder’s thought to the water cooler talks; From marketing communications to pricing, it should be all blue.

Blue is the color of sky & ocean, nature and intellectual thoughts. It represents serenity and mental calmness. It symbolizes dignity to coolness to spiritual infinity in its various shades.

We all know Luxury comes at a cost, and getting your brand positioning replicated as brand image is a Luxury. Click to Tweet

So not just your customers but if your smartly trained employees go back home satisfied, you have gone blue. Wondering showing a top model enjoying the special manicure at a beach would get the luxury message conveyed?

There are global meanings(Orange is for vitamin C and good health), unique cultural meanings (Orange is sacred and auspicious in Hinduism) and time based (Orange theme followed by a apparel design firm in spring) meanings attached to color, to avoid miscommunication at any point choose a combination and use logic.

So you now have some idea how to start about the content-the real matter for your brand if you have a happy go lucky, trendy, optimistic, vibrant college students as your target segment..Match your product,service,people,conduct,words,culture,location,reach with their wavelength(FYI- every color has a wavelength) – SO,what color you are thinking of? blo 2 content type  2 smiley image Bingo!

About ‘Moment of Truth’

A moment of truth is usually defined as an instance wherein the customer and the organization come into contact with one another in a manner that gives the customer an opportunity to either form or change an impression about the firm.


Every Equation Has a Story which is the Information for the Mind

About #VachSoch Category and  VachSoch #Melange Tags

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What does Being Digital Means? 

It is not just about being on Social Media or  having a Website, it is effectively setting your digital goals and efficiently achieving them using digital channels and resources in a particular time frame that outsmarts market competition.

Content – The Fuel

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Article – Mind Openers

No one can deny that we feel enlightened and knowledgeable after we finish reading a good piece on our favorite subject or topic, which of-course is not a sales talk piece.A good article is an apt bunch of words-Well Thought,Crafted and Placed to share  consumable information in the most interesting manner.



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5 Pokes by #Pokemon Go to Indian Regulating Authorities


Thanks to the craze of Niantic’s mobile-based game, Pokemon GO, which is making the internet addict youth in India, get up, go out and play outdoors.  The newspapers, magazines, FM radio and of-course internet has been generous enough to discuss the fad in detail before it is officially launched in India.With more than 20 million downloads  Pokemon Go has bagged the paradigm shift title after the global virtual reality sensation tag. Even in India, enthusiasts have managed to join the international craze by using unofficial versions.

The innovators’ and early adopters’ voices can be taken as pokes to the regulating authorities in sectors like health,urban development, telecom,law&order to use VIRTUAL REALITY as an aid to improve reality for a safe, comfortable and enjoyable living.

Lets take a look on few excerpts regarding the reality-

‘Gurgaon drowning under unplanned urbanisation’ – The Hindu

pokemon 11

“Two of the world’s most populated countries – India & China are among the few under-performers on access to Information and Communication Technology.” In 2014, India had only about 18 people per 100 using the internet (~world bank data)

pokemon digital divide


Now,a look at few excerpts regarding virtual reality :


“Traffic accidents and other incidents are piling up in Japan due to Pokemon”

“Authorities say two Pokemon Go players were so distracted by the game that they fell off an ocean bluff in Southern California, suffering moderate injuries.”

“Police say Campos, 18, tried to rob Pokemon Go players in Las Vegas before a shootout left him and a player injured.” – cbsnews

“On July 10, 2016, police in Missouri arrested three adults and one minor on suspicion of armed robbery. Police in the city of O’Fallon say the suspects used Pokemon Go as a tool to target victims.” – cbsnews

People are getting so engrossed in finding Pokemon in the outside world, that they are unknowingly sending invitations to real problems directly or subtly by losing track of their actual world-surroundings. If observed well,these are clear pokes to the concerned-

Poke 1 to Players’ Health, Personal Safety & Privacy

Imagine a Pokemon gym(a real world place where trainers can deploy their Pokemon to battle with other trainers) near an open pothole filled with rain/flood water, what would you fight then, the virtual reality trainer or the dangerous fall in front of you?

“People want to go to all the places they never wanted to, because they want to catch a Pokemon” CEO of a game development firm.

Cases of theft, road accidents,shootouts have already been reported in Japan and USA.

Poke 2 to Cyber Security

Internet Security is a long pending issue to  address before we go completely online for many things, also games! Using pirated versions to be the first to play is fun, but the gift of spywares and malware can never be a welcoming one for any early adopter. Also, terms clearly say they can access your google account and documents..all of it! And think of physical location information made public through game, helping anti-socials to take advantage.

Poke 3 to  National Security 

Relative to crime world and government agencies,location is a very sensitive and crucial data. It can be shared and misused for whatever purpose a criminal mind can think of.

Poke 4 to Telecom Service Providers and National Infrastructure Regulators

The market is eager to explore internet, apps and latest in technology like virtual reality but even people in metros apart from tier-2 and tier-3 cities find it difficult to stream live videos, get continuous GPS data. We are yet to mark a start on village fronts.

Poke 5 to Legal Framework

There is no doubt, technology would take the center stage on almost all aspects of a citizen’s life.Legal framework should start making rooms for provisions for such close to public life technologies.Indian law should be well equipped to address issues that arise with the adoption of virtual reality before it is too late.  The Information Technology Act requires a thoughtful update on a priority basis.

So while Pokemon go may be a good news for marketers, app developers and companies in gaming and virtual reality sector considering the adoption and penetration numbers it has registered so far. But, its intoxicating ability coupled with real and virtual world divide is posing as a ’cause of concern’ for many regulating and civic authorities including the first authorities “Parents” and the players themselves.

As people move the technology adoption cycle (shown in figure below)there will be stories getting created, some positive and some negative which would call for actions, information or help on mentioned fronts. The chasm is the chance to get ready for the future.


Wondering in what version name will it be launched in India now?

Pokemon Go?

Pokemon No?

or Pokemon Go safe?


*This piece is posted under  “Living in the NOW” category, where you can talk about -current trends in science & art fields.Hope you enjoy exploring the various possibilities in terms of equations, emotions and  einformations they hold within*

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#Chatbots- How good is a Robot in closing sales?

*This piece is posted under the “Know Now” category, where you  read a news, get to know about the current trends or fads , understand smart technologies, test a hypothesis ,talk research, observe environments,but, not the usual way! Introducing this category to explore the potential of interdisciplinary approach. Here is a modest attempt to take the numbers, the data  (equation)and their stories(emotion) together to paint and showcase useful information (e-information).*

 #VachSoch Melange Tags :  Human Jobs +  Automated Jobs #

“Science, which is only another name for truth, now holds religious charlatans, self-deceivers and God agents in a certain degree of check — agents and employees, I mean, of a mythical, medieval, man-made God, anthropomorphic in constitution.”
Luther Burbank

In these times of informed customers, technological breakthroughs, expansion of wants and development of digital ecosystems, any professional would feel the urge for automation,for basically two scenarios –

1. Convenience (ohhhh..not again kinds..)

Here the person feels lazy enough to do a ‘must do’ task, say updating your resume suiting to the openings you want to apply to and then justifying the same during subsequent discussions with the recruiters again and again.Thanks to the idea of bots doing the CVtalk on your behalf and taking it forward!

2. Again, Convenience ( oh I need to do this too! kinds..)

Here the person juggles with too much on the plate and wishes to do justice to all, which is very much required but seems quite difficult, say an editor or publisher attending to the huge pile of content submissions which are supposed to be promoted on social media and other channels too. Thanks to companies providing AI intelligence service to online publishers.

That one human trait that mostly all chat-points of blogs, community discussions or programmers, marketers, founders point to is — ‘Impatient Anthropomorphizing’. After all ‘Humans’ are hard wired to behave like humans, chat with humans and think human.Very few circumstances can bring some change in this most natural human trait being practiced since years as ‘the art of conversation’.

We as consumers don’t have time to be patient. We can’t wait to allow things like these to take shape and evolve slowly ,the bot’s responses should provide users delight at the first go as all human interview interactions are expected to, in case you really want the job.

Considering the case of AI in publishing,as I mentioned above, it would be a remarkable challenge to experience or observe, be it on any side. To understand the multiple meanings and dimensions of human generated content and then analyzing it for scheduling as per the social media channel they are supposed to be posted to with right tone and format,will define the “intelligence” in AI in true sense.

Just wondering, if we as humans are still struggling with language and bias barriers, how the algorithms or the bot conversations will deal with “moral dilemmas”.

Or we may be gifted with an intelligent unbiased, well balanced, calculated answers for bugging problems.

One integral part of being into digital marketing is trial of lots of apps, tools , softwares and optimizing automation. Talking of chats, artificial intelligence, algorithms and automation,I think of 3 simultaneous online chats I had some time back with representatives of three different digital tool providers at the same time, here is a quick snapshot for you-

Snapshot of simultaneous online chats between a digital marketer and representatives of digital tool provider company

I am not very good at multitasking, but I somehow managed to search, read, discuss, analyze, call-up a few and chat with selected options before I get to buying stage of the much needed automation tool. As you can see, the wait in the first, the round about to come to the point in the second and chatting with automation itself in the third made me do that job manually without testing my patience any more!

But the third one did strike a chord in the beginning, till it revealed it is not a human that side!

Like it? contribute your thoughts or other resources in the comments below.#Sharing is caring but #contributing is sustaining. 

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The above article was first published in Chatbot Magazine,July edition “#Chats, #Bots and Intelligent #Sales Scenarios” with all the permissions of the author.

Artificial Intelligence and Human Innocence

*This piece is posted under the “Nurture Next” category, where you can take a peek into the future  and  see how it is getting built NOW to hand over to the next  generation.Hope you do your part in giving it the shape, which in all its form( the equation, the emotion and  the e-information) is thanked by them* 

 #VachSoch Melange Tags :  Robot Learning + Human Learning #

The most innocent form of intelligence is seen when a child picks up anything and tests it to know what it is exactly. May be a coin,stone,bottle cap or battery, they all go through the taste -test by the little scientist. But when the battery gets swallowed in their game of ‘tasting the world’, the real problem begins..

Thanks to the researchers in Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who are designing an ingestible robot that could be used to patch wounds, deliver medicine or dislodge a foreign object of the child’s body. The experiment is named as “Origami Robot”. Before we get to understand how it will work , let us look at the equation and some numbers that directed these scientists in computer science and artificial intelligence laboratory(MIT) in this direction.

“Every year 3,500 swallowed button batteries are reported in US”

In India,such stories in dailies do convey the panic and the cost such cases demand, may it emotional, financial or physical  sometimes exceed acceptable limits.

“The family of six-year-old Anuja Kascale have been running from pillar to post to get rid of a five rupee coin lodged in her stomach for the past 20 days….

…”“We have spent more than Rs50,000 to take out a five rupee coin.”said the distressed father

The situation gets scary when a small 5 rupee coin costs a family beyond expectations.

<5 rs. + Swallow = Too much Pain,Panic and Health Risk

Once such technologies are developed, we may not stop the little scientists to carry their experiments but can feel equipped to handle the worse, if required.

How the Origami Robots are learning to do the rescue operation inside child’s body?

  • the tiny foreign objects which are normally digested,may in some cases establish a prolonged contact with the tissues of the stomach, burn them in the process and become embedded,
  • the tiny bots go inside the body enclosed in ice capsules(#Swallowable)
  • on reaching the stomach, ice melts and the bot unfolds
  • bot is then directed via an external magnetic field to get attached to the foreign object
  • which is then removed through the digestive system along with the bot and
  • finally the object is removed without surgery!!

What Next?

In vivo experiments, that would allow the robot do the work automatically  using its own intelligence without being controlled by external magnetic field.

Best wishes from all the would-be parents to these maven AI researchers.






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#Mubarak Begum & Historical Bollywood Genre

*The post is categorized under “Preserve Past”, where you can have coffee with classics and relish the flavors of the past. Hope you enjoy the equation, emotion and e-information shared in this section.*

 VachSoch Melange Tags : Simple Classics + Deep Non-Tech Art   



(18th  July , 2016) A good bye to Mubarak Begum, makes us recall the simple melodies of  the past, that were not just lyrical but powerfully mesmerizing.

Melodies  that were fresh and deep at the same time, melodies that were given voice by Indian classical maestros and sung in the most effortless manner flawlessly.

Melodies that were reflections of ‘Gharanas’ and the legacy they were passing forward.

Mubarak Begum was trained in “#Kirana Gharana”. The distinguished vocalist is mostly remembered for her two hits : ‘Mohe aane lagi angdai’ & ‘ Tanhayio mein yuh humari yaad ayegi’..The equation that such songs share with us is best represented by how & when they are played by what kind of people.

Remembering our grandparents tuning the #all-India- radio and recalling their primes .. a friend playing it on cassette in a dark room to symbolize that she is in a melodramatic mood..”tanhayio mein yuh humari yaad ayegi…”

Be it any reason, you can always relish this #classical on few YouTube channels like mastkalandr or Bhooli Bisri Awwazen and let yourself take you, to an emotional journey within..



Like it? contribute your thoughts or other resources in the comments below.#Sharing is caring but #contributing is sustaining.






Chaos Or Confusion?- Whom to Nurture #VachSoch

*This piece is a root post,which gets posted in all the three VachSoch categories  “Preserve Past” “Know Now”  and “Nurture Next” because of its relevance in all the three time-space.#Culture matters, always.Here we touch upon a small aspect of corporate culture.

#VachSoch Melange Tags :  Corporate goals + employee ambitions



We all are moving towards “something” in some way, and as we move on we find clients, friends, meadows, strangers, oceans, barren lands, social groups, passion, trees, laws, paradox, freedom, flowers, Choas or Confusion….!!

You either escape or delve in them, bring them to order or be lost in it forever, use them for good in life or just cross it anyhow, any which ways..they were, are and will have some ,or all space in your life, you see it or not, you feel it or not, you get this or not..

girl1- chaos

Take a dive here..

“….It is Monday Morning 7:00 am,Spasht gets off the bed, looks at the awesome weather outside the window and smilingly stares at the tiny beautiful guest fluttering colorful wings in his backyard,he could clearly hear his sigh saying “how fulfilling it would have been if I were an ornithologist …travelling world,earning while wandering in Wildlife sanctuaries..watching Lorikeets, Kingfishers, studying Flamingos, Pheasants and beeeeeep interrupts the mobile reminder flashing “Sales Meeting at 10:00 am”, irritated he turned and moved onto the usual path, when his heart mocked “Mr. Disable !..have a cracking meeting!”

He ignored and later in the evening came out of the conference room with the happy client…smiles, hand shakes and a confirmed plus point on the KPI sheet from ‘The Boss’.It took him some time to realize it was dusk,looking at the lone 2 birds flying north, his mind recollected the lines of Wilfred Owen from the poem “Disabled* , putting his custom words somewhere in between, (must be his heart again feeling disabled..)

“…..He sat in a corporate chair, waiting for dark,
And shivered in his ghastly suit of grey,
passionless, sewn short at mind. Through the park
Voices of birds chirping saddening like a hymn,


..He’s lost his colour very far from here,
Poured it down sales-sheets till the veins ran dry,
And half his lifetime lapsed in the rat race
And leap of purple spurted from his sighs…”

He looked down the digital plan objectives proposed by Nishtha, the newly assigned Project Manager for this big budget project and found himself lost in his  long befriended CONFUSION..?..   “What am I doing here?”



At Nishtha’s workstation it was pure    CHAOS   :

Frank calling on desk phone for sharing the client video script, her best friend asking her on text when is she arriving for the wedding, she is preparing for this new client’s website and competitor analysis report, new ideas are jumping in her head to get jotted down on paper,her two hands and one brain are not enough to accommodate another call home “that she would be late” and a confirmation mail check for his long awaited weekend hiking trip and yes without this caramel coffee sips she just can’t concentrate…her heart just blurted out of enthusiasm  “..oooh, it is so exciting I want to do it all..NOW and very nicely..”

While I heard their stories this simple matrix just filled numbers in itself to answer my offbeat question, what would be the quality of delivery of Spasht’s & Nishtha’s or say any other company to the client if they are feeding choas or confusion or both?

Apart from unknown factors, synchronization of service provider’s talks and actions and client’s talks and actions definitely plays a major role and that is completely dependent on employees’s personal frequency matching the organizations’s (client or service provider) wavelength.

Using the idea of the remarkable game theory payoff matrix**, where a game setting between two players can be represented using matrix (gain & loss can be quantified using technical details which is called payoff for a player)

chaosfinal 3


Considering above setting, the game is between the client and the service provider, we get four quadrants with different payoffs for each one in each case,

Quadrant 1 : [(Service  provider’s Payoff), (Client’s Payoff)]

Sales meeting concluded successfully and deal is finalized. Game starts..

3 for service provider (Client acquisition efforts well utilized , Bagged the deal outsmarting other competitors, Closed a good revenue deal with the client)

2  for client (Service provider selection efforts well utilized , Finalization of the service provider marking the start of the actual work)


Quadrant 2

2 for service provider (3-1 = 2, More efforts on talking to calm down the client,loosing trust of the client as work delivery doesn’t matches the initial agreement)

1 for client (2-1 =1, Project started  but they don’t see any ‘walk the talk’)

Quadrant 3

1 for service provider ( catch 22 , can’t move on  and can’t take up a new client who can appreciate the current efforts, project in progress somehow )

1 for Client ( wasting time, resources and developing ground for conflict within)

Quadrant 4

A complete win-win..both parties do their part, give order to the chaos beautifully and reap the benefits..


Good part is both confusion and chaos are not invisible, also the results they give are very much prominent. you may now answer yourself :What type of corporate culture you are into ? One that supports Spashts or Nishthas , both or worse none! what organization color you have picked in due course..

What’s your recruitment and employee nurturing strategy? Your project planning casts what kind of players? what are their personality colors? does that match with your organization zeal, culture i.e. color?…or your mind is asking players?? in Project Planning??…color??

There goes a famous saying “you must have chaos within you to give birth to a star” – Friedrich Nietzsche


“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” —Chinese Proverb

ending on this:

“The best time to answer your first WHY? was when it popped in your mind. The Second Best time is now” – # VachSoch   Click To Tweet



[*About Wilfred Owen poem “Disabled”

“Disabled” is a war poem by Wilfred Owen written in 1917. It expresses the tormented thoughts and recollections of a teenage soldier in World War I who has lost his limbs in battle and is now confined, utterly helpless, to a wheelchair. The subject contrasts the living death he is now facing with the youthful pleasures he had enjoyed “before he threw away his knees”; he goes on to recall the impetuous and frivolous circumstances in which he had joined up to fight in the war. He also notes how the crowds that greeted his return were smaller and less enthusiastic than those who cheered his departure, and how women no longer look at him but at “the strong men who were whole”. Source: Wikipedia]



[**About Game Theory:

“A strategic game represents a situation where two or more participants are faced with choices of action, by which each may gain or lose, depending on what others choose to do or not to do. The final outcome of a game, therefore, is determined jointly by the strategies chosen by all participants.” – Source Business]

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