Since ages we have talked just “ok” or “click” “click” or “remind me later” with our systems. Now, the time has come to upgrade the talking! Our ‘Future’ asks for intelligent machines, which can do much more than yes/no for people in various fields to let us all have more time as “Humans”.Apps helped and now they are handing it over to the next revolutionary breakthrough-”Chatbots”

Are we good to adopt this new conversational interfaces in our professional and personal life? Be it in America or Europe, Asia or Africa,Australia or Antarctica,are the conversational interfaces with personalities on our systems all set to redefine the man-machine communications? Have they progressed well to mark new beginnings?

Considering ‘Now’ is the time to solve the chatbot equations, VachSoch conceptualized and developed a foundation podcast series on Chatbots  called BotCast1.0,where bot makers,designers,bot company founders & promoters from across the globe threw light on some important aspects regarding this evolutionary & revolutionary technology.

BotCast 1.0 is an attempt to capture the ‘chatbot entry’ in crucial fields like education,healthcare, business & art. The speakers were asked  10 questions before they got to the online recording room to chat in detail.


  1. Your definition of a Chatbot?
  2. What is your Bot/Bot Service called?
  3. How you build Chatbots or deliver a Bot Service?
  4. Your Bot Philosophy?
  5. What value your Bot/Service Brings? to whom?
  6. Who are the early adopters of your Bot/Service?
  7. Future of Man-Machine Interaction?
  8. What’s Hot & What’s Not for a chatbot?
  9. Your Bot achievement? and Challenges?
  10. Good time to adopt a chatbot?


Each answer from these passionate botmakers brings forth e-information worth paying attention to.

Sharing snapshots with episode links

BotCast 1.0 – Business-With Sohan Maheshwar from Gupshup- India

Episodes running on SoundcloudStitcher; TuneIn;


Sohan Maheshwar, Developer Evangelist,Gupshup

“Right now chatbots provide e-commerce companies a new channel to interact with their customers.If done right,chatbots can offer a personalized experience to a customer over messaging that can increase clicks and sales.One business segment where chatbot will create huge impact is’customer support’. In the current customer support model, email takes way to long for critical queries and no one wants to listen to piped music on the phone for 10 minutes.Chatbots circumvent these problems.”



BotCast 1.0-Art-With Mark & Ryann-USA

Episodes running on SoundcloudStitcher; TuneIn;


Mark Stephen Meadows,Founder & President at Botanic

“’s more that the bot world is currently being invaded by the art world.Bots need art.They will be indigenous citizens of virtual and augmented reality, they will have rich personalities, be highly social, people will prefer them, in many cases, to human counterparts,they will know us, predict our behavior, advise us, and therefore they will be authenticated so we can trust them for starters.”


Ryann Wahl, Published writer & Conversation Designer at
“Authentication and regulation of bots is going to be really important for our future, we really don’t have that right now. On another more  idealistic note, I will really like to see bots move from just assistance who can order you pizza or buy you things online..from that to having more potential to create social change and doing really positive things for the world.”


BotCast 1.0 – Health-With Cristina Santamarina- Spain

Episodes running on SoundcloudStitcher ; TuneIn

Enter a caption

Cristina Santamarina,Founder and CEO at bots4health

“Healthcare chatbots can be used for consultation booking with specialists,for getting answers to health related queries, obtaining an initial diagnosis for a discomfort,public health surveys,fitness,nutrition and most importantly, they can be seen as informed healthcare friends for women to cover a great chuck of their health needs on an easy, on the move way based on very short & frequent interactions.”



BotCast 1.0-Education-With Kristian Berge-Norway

Episodes running on SoundcloudStitcher ; TuneIn


Kristian Collin Berge,Founder and CEO at Edtech Foundry. Entrepreneurship lecturer at UiO

“Bots have huge potential to increase student engagement,which teachers see as the biggest thing they can make use of, to improve learning outcomes in their courses.”

“An education bot developer needs to be a pedagog and teacher first, an interaction designer next and finally an engineer to know what activities the bot should trigger,how & at what time to intervene and finally to build it.”

BotCast 1.0- Health- With-Hajnalka Hejja-Germany

Episode running on Soundcloud; Stitcher; TuneIn


Dr. Hajnalka Hejja, MD,Founder at MediLad

“I  think we will witness a bot revolution soon, with a bot for everything in healthcare. The style,design,measurement metrics,framework and positioning of the bot matters a lot.Different customer segments do not resonate to the same messages and same brand,even if the functionality of the product is the same.This is why I think that creating not only framework, but personality of the chatbot is very important.On the other hand, we have to ensure that the outgoing information and the stored data is high quality.”

BotCast 1.0 – Business-With Abhi Garg- India

Episode running on Soundcloud; Stitcher; TuneIn


Abhi Garg,Head of Products and Digital Strategy, NetSolutions

“Bots are mini-disruptions.They place the control of the communication firmly in the hand of the customer and once a business starts designing the journey with customers in mind,then bots make a natural fit.A chatbot is a  digital point, a conversational interface,which enables rapid information distribution.It removes friction and artificial barriers that get erected when we observe non-office hours,week ends and holidays.Based on what one is after,chatbots have the potential to be wikipedia on steroids.”

BotCast 1.0 – Business-With Chris Greenough-Malaysia

Episode running on Soundcloud; Stitcher; TuneIn


Chris Greenough,Managing Partner at POTENTIO & Co-founder of HYPERLAB

“Chatbots are an evolution to the now infamous “lead generation form”. They can actively sell, vet and directly link to a purchase or salesperson to close the loop in a single session.You see them performing well on many business fronts. Now, you have chatbots for performance marketing(go strait from ad-to-chat); Chatbots for scaling sales & support teams(Vetting leads, translation, reporting);Chatbots for managing a mobile workforce (Solving workflow challenges and offering real-time analytics);Chatbots for delivering great customer experiences(Delivering value-added-services through chat, eg. Concierge services).”



BotCast 1.0 – Art-With Ari & Kevin- USA

Episode running on Soundcloud; Stitcher; TuneIn

Ari & Kevin,EmojiSalad

Ari Zilnik,Senior UX Consultant at Lab49,Organizer- Bots of Brookyln meetup

Kevin Scott, Desingineer, part time Bot Builder,Organizer – Bots of Brookyln meetup

“We are as much designers as we are developers.We need to understand what users are looking to do as we build our products.It’s a delicate balance between design and development. And the future of user-experience design for chat-based interfaces is personality design”


BotCast 1.0 – Business-With Arik Marmorstein- Israel

Episode running on Soundcloud; Stitcher; TuneIn


Arik Marmorstein, Founder Mimoona, a leading Israeli crowdfunding platform.

“As long as AI does not have humane abilities to understand everything,bots will have simple,guided flow, that makes UX beneficial to the user.Every minute a customer service rep spends answering the same repeated question it qualifies as wasted resource, bots can very well replace them in such repetitive tasks.”


BotCast 1.0 speakers in their answers clearly indicated that we are soon going to witness a paradigm shift.A new and evolved technological era awaits us, where we have relationships with intelligent machines that enable us to be more “human”, do a more fulfilling job, stay healthy,be an enlightened artist, a family person, an interesting geek, learn more and in better ways and most importantly, live with innovations that convergence of art & science brings in such technological forms.

When asked what is the right time to go for a chatbot in any sector? Any guesses?

Give a listen to the future of conversational interfaces in our daily lives, check out BotCast1.0  feed  at .

Info: BotCast 1.0 is now on iTunes too.

Having shared the e-information,here are some numbers & equations from business insider to chew, regarding emotions, for now, let us use the comment window below!












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