About #VachSoch Category and  VachSoch #Melange Tags

*This piece is posted under the “FAQ-About VachSoch” which is a well-thought category, where you  read  which two disciplines are getting explored in terms of Past, Present and Future  by VachSoch.   Melange Tags,  a novel way to represent “whats inside” the article  are like the shortest to the point stories, one could read, at VachSoch. In this digital era, where we are surrounded by chaos and noise, they act as the door to the story inside the VachSoch Home. Read them and decide with what equations,emotions and e-information you want to have your coffee with…*

 About Blog Segments

VachSoch Blog Segments are a modest attempt to take the  the data  (equations)and their stories(emotions) together to paint and showcase useful information (e-information) of “was-is-will” cycle of any discipline-

Dive into the Past – VachSoch Category – “Preserve Past”

Live the Moment – VachSoch Category -“Know Now”

Predict The Future – VachSoch Category – “Nurture Next”


About VachSoch Services

Design Landscape And Gardening Logo   Online Free Logo

Being Digital is “now” almost a synonym to Being Global

What does Being Digital Means? 

It is not just about being on Social Media or  having a Website, it is effectively setting your digital goals and efficiently achieving them using digital channels and resources in a particular time frame that outsmarts market competition.

Content – The Fuel

VachSoch is all about “Thought of well spoken words”, hence we believe  in developing contemplative content for your projects, products or program as Content forms the soul of any Digital Marketing Activity.

Webinar – The Digital Community Builder

VachSoch rests on the foundation of its #Thoughmates, hence we believe getting experts and professionals on a global stage online for discussions,polls,debates or trainings through webinars is one of the best way to engage, inform and build relationships with your target audience.

Podcast – Consistent,On-the-Go Quality Help

From the time, Google became our lifeline, we have been thrown into a world of data explosions with millions of experts and thousands of updates, advancements, services and whatnot..As we chart our ways to the Next, we all look for  some clear, simple, trustworthy lines from authorities..Podcast is a single solution that we can count upon everyday even in our busy hours.

Article – Mind Openers

No one can deny that we feel enlightened and knowledgeable after we finish reading a good piece on our favorite subject or topic, which of-course is not a sales talk piece.A good article is an apt bunch of words-Well Thought,Crafted and Placed to share  consumable information in the most interesting manner.



So if you have a content project or webinar/podcast series in your marketing plan that matches with VachSoch’s Melange Tags published with every blog piece on the website

waste not a minute to drop a mail to VachSoch .

Happy to Connect!


For booking a Webinar Package, Podcast Series or Article Set, you may contact the author of the articles directly after signing up with VachSoch .Contact Here

EqUaTiOnS. EmOtIoNs. E-iNfOrMaTiOnS ~VachSoch

Copyright © VachSoch. All rights reserved 2016



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