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“Science, which is only another name for truth, now holds religious charlatans, self-deceivers and God agents in a certain degree of check — agents and employees, I mean, of a mythical, medieval, man-made God, anthropomorphic in constitution.”
Luther Burbank

In these times of informed customers, technological breakthroughs, expansion of wants and development of digital ecosystems, any professional would feel the urge for automation,for basically two scenarios –

1. Convenience (ohhhh..not again kinds..)

Here the person feels lazy enough to do a ‘must do’ task, say updating your resume suiting to the openings you want to apply to and then justifying the same during subsequent discussions with the recruiters again and again.Thanks to the idea of bots doing the CVtalk on your behalf and taking it forward!

2. Again, Convenience ( oh I need to do this too! kinds..)

Here the person juggles with too much on the plate and wishes to do justice to all, which is very much required but seems quite difficult, say an editor or publisher attending to the huge pile of content submissions which are supposed to be promoted on social media and other channels too. Thanks to companies providing AI intelligence service to online publishers.

That one human trait that mostly all chat-points of blogs, community discussions or programmers, marketers, founders point to is — ‘Impatient Anthropomorphizing’. After all ‘Humans’ are hard wired to behave like humans, chat with humans and think human.Very few circumstances can bring some change in this most natural human trait being practiced since years as ‘the art of conversation’.

We as consumers don’t have time to be patient. We can’t wait to allow things like these to take shape and evolve slowly ,the bot’s responses should provide users delight at the first go as all human interview interactions are expected to, in case you really want the job.

Considering the case of AI in publishing,as I mentioned above, it would be a remarkable challenge to experience or observe, be it on any side. To understand the multiple meanings and dimensions of human generated content and then analyzing it for scheduling as per the social media channel they are supposed to be posted to with right tone and format,will define the “intelligence” in AI in true sense.

Just wondering, if we as humans are still struggling with language and bias barriers, how the algorithms or the bot conversations will deal with “moral dilemmas”.

Or we may be gifted with an intelligent unbiased, well balanced, calculated answers for bugging problems.

One integral part of being into digital marketing is trial of lots of apps, tools , softwares and optimizing automation. Talking of chats, artificial intelligence, algorithms and automation,I think of 3 simultaneous online chats I had some time back with representatives of three different digital tool providers at the same time, here is a quick snapshot for you-

Snapshot of simultaneous online chats between a digital marketer and representatives of digital tool provider company

I am not very good at multitasking, but I somehow managed to search, read, discuss, analyze, call-up a few and chat with selected options before I get to buying stage of the much needed automation tool. As you can see, the wait in the first, the round about to come to the point in the second and chatting with automation itself in the third made me do that job manually without testing my patience any more!

But the third one did strike a chord in the beginning, till it revealed it is not a human that side!

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The above article was first published in Chatbot Magazine,July edition “#Chats, #Bots and Intelligent #Sales Scenarios” with all the permissions of the author.


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