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The most innocent form of intelligence is seen when a child picks up anything and tests it to know what it is exactly. May be a coin,stone,bottle cap or battery, they all go through the taste -test by the little scientist. But when the battery gets swallowed in their game of ‘tasting the world’, the real problem begins..

Thanks to the researchers in Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who are designing an ingestible robot that could be used to patch wounds, deliver medicine or dislodge a foreign object of the child’s body. The experiment is named as “Origami Robot”. Before we get to understand how it will work , let us look at the equation and some numbers that directed these scientists in computer science and artificial intelligence laboratory(MIT) in this direction.

“Every year 3,500 swallowed button batteries are reported in US”

In India,such stories in dailies do convey the panic and the cost such cases demand, may it emotional, financial or physical  sometimes exceed acceptable limits.

“The family of six-year-old Anuja Kascale have been running from pillar to post to get rid of a five rupee coin lodged in her stomach for the past 20 days….

…”“We have spent more than Rs50,000 to take out a five rupee coin.”said the distressed father

The situation gets scary when a small 5 rupee coin costs a family beyond expectations.

<5 rs. + Swallow = Too much Pain,Panic and Health Risk

Once such technologies are developed, we may not stop the little scientists to carry their experiments but can feel equipped to handle the worse, if required.

How the Origami Robots are learning to do the rescue operation inside child’s body?

  • the tiny foreign objects which are normally digested,may in some cases establish a prolonged contact with the tissues of the stomach, burn them in the process and become embedded,
  • the tiny bots go inside the body enclosed in ice capsules(#Swallowable)
  • on reaching the stomach, ice melts and the bot unfolds
  • bot is then directed via an external magnetic field to get attached to the foreign object
  • which is then removed through the digestive system along with the bot and
  • finally the object is removed without surgery!!

What Next?

In vivo experiments, that would allow the robot do the work automatically  using its own intelligence without being controlled by external magnetic field.

Best wishes from all the would-be parents to these maven AI researchers.






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One thought on “Artificial Intelligence and Human Innocence

  1. Intriguing yet useful attempt to co-relate AI and child’s innocent activity which sometime turn out to be nightmare for parents. Children gulping coins or button batteries are common problem and if a solution can be found through AI then it would relieve countless parents and decrease the further risks to Children. Congrats to writer for highlighting the issue and its potential solution.


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