*The post is categorized under “Preserve Past”, where you can have coffee with classics and relish the flavors of the past. Hope you enjoy the equation, emotion and e-information shared in this section.*

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(18th  July , 2016) A good bye to Mubarak Begum, makes us recall the simple melodies of  the past, that were not just lyrical but powerfully mesmerizing.

Melodies  that were fresh and deep at the same time, melodies that were given voice by Indian classical maestros and sung in the most effortless manner flawlessly.

Melodies that were reflections of ‘Gharanas’ and the legacy they were passing forward.

Mubarak Begum was trained in “#Kirana Gharana”. The distinguished vocalist is mostly remembered for her two hits : ‘Mohe aane lagi angdai’ & ‘ Tanhayio mein yuh humari yaad ayegi’..The equation that such songs share with us is best represented by how & when they are played by what kind of people.

Remembering our grandparents tuning the #all-India- radio and recalling their primes .. a friend playing it on cassette in a dark room to symbolize that she is in a melodramatic mood..”tanhayio mein yuh humari yaad ayegi…”

Be it any reason, you can always relish this #classical on few YouTube channels like mastkalandr or Bhooli Bisri Awwazen and let yourself take you, to an emotional journey within..



Like it? contribute your thoughts or other resources in the comments below.#Sharing is caring but #contributing is sustaining.







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