*This piece is a root post,which gets posted in all the three VachSoch categories  “Preserve Past” “Know Now”  and “Nurture Next” because of its relevance in all the three time-space.#Culture matters, always.Here we touch upon a small aspect of corporate culture.

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We all are moving towards “something” in some way, and as we move on we find clients, friends, meadows, strangers, oceans, barren lands, social groups, passion, trees, laws, paradox, freedom, flowers, Choas or Confusion….!!

You either escape or delve in them, bring them to order or be lost in it forever, use them for good in life or just cross it anyhow, any which ways..they were, are and will have some ,or all space in your life, you see it or not, you feel it or not, you get this or not..

girl1- chaos

Take a dive here..

“….It is Monday Morning 7:00 am,Spasht gets off the bed, looks at the awesome weather outside the window and smilingly stares at the tiny beautiful guest fluttering colorful wings in his backyard,he could clearly hear his sigh saying “how fulfilling it would have been if I were an ornithologist …travelling world,earning while wandering in Wildlife sanctuaries..watching Lorikeets, Kingfishers, studying Flamingos, Pheasants and beeeeeep interrupts the mobile reminder flashing “Sales Meeting at 10:00 am”, irritated he turned and moved onto the usual path, when his heart mocked “Mr. Disable !..have a cracking meeting!”

He ignored and later in the evening came out of the conference room with the happy client…smiles, hand shakes and a confirmed plus point on the KPI sheet from ‘The Boss’.It took him some time to realize it was dusk,looking at the lone 2 birds flying north, his mind recollected the lines of Wilfred Owen from the poem “Disabled* , putting his custom words somewhere in between, (must be his heart again feeling disabled..)

“…..He sat in a corporate chair, waiting for dark,
And shivered in his ghastly suit of grey,
passionless, sewn short at mind. Through the park
Voices of birds chirping saddening like a hymn,


..He’s lost his colour very far from here,
Poured it down sales-sheets till the veins ran dry,
And half his lifetime lapsed in the rat race
And leap of purple spurted from his sighs…”

He looked down the digital plan objectives proposed by Nishtha, the newly assigned Project Manager for this big budget project and found himself lost in his  long befriended CONFUSION..?..   “What am I doing here?”



At Nishtha’s workstation it was pure    CHAOS   :

Frank calling on desk phone for sharing the client video script, her best friend asking her on text when is she arriving for the wedding, she is preparing for this new client’s website and competitor analysis report, new ideas are jumping in her head to get jotted down on paper,her two hands and one brain are not enough to accommodate another call home “that she would be late” and a confirmation mail check for his long awaited weekend hiking trip and yes without this caramel coffee sips she just can’t concentrate…her heart just blurted out of enthusiasm  “..oooh, it is so exciting I want to do it all..NOW and very nicely..”

While I heard their stories this simple matrix just filled numbers in itself to answer my offbeat question, what would be the quality of delivery of Spasht’s & Nishtha’s or say any other company to the client if they are feeding choas or confusion or both?

Apart from unknown factors, synchronization of service provider’s talks and actions and client’s talks and actions definitely plays a major role and that is completely dependent on employees’s personal frequency matching the organizations’s (client or service provider) wavelength.

Using the idea of the remarkable game theory payoff matrix**, where a game setting between two players can be represented using matrix (gain & loss can be quantified using technical details which is called payoff for a player)

chaosfinal 3


Considering above setting, the game is between the client and the service provider, we get four quadrants with different payoffs for each one in each case,

Quadrant 1 : [(Service  provider’s Payoff), (Client’s Payoff)]

Sales meeting concluded successfully and deal is finalized. Game starts..

3 for service provider (Client acquisition efforts well utilized , Bagged the deal outsmarting other competitors, Closed a good revenue deal with the client)

2  for client (Service provider selection efforts well utilized , Finalization of the service provider marking the start of the actual work)


Quadrant 2

2 for service provider (3-1 = 2, More efforts on talking to calm down the client,loosing trust of the client as work delivery doesn’t matches the initial agreement)

1 for client (2-1 =1, Project started  but they don’t see any ‘walk the talk’)

Quadrant 3

1 for service provider ( catch 22 , can’t move on  and can’t take up a new client who can appreciate the current efforts, project in progress somehow )

1 for Client ( wasting time, resources and developing ground for conflict within)

Quadrant 4

A complete win-win..both parties do their part, give order to the chaos beautifully and reap the benefits..


Good part is both confusion and chaos are not invisible, also the results they give are very much prominent. you may now answer yourself :What type of corporate culture you are into ? One that supports Spashts or Nishthas , both or worse none! what organization color you have picked in due course..

What’s your recruitment and employee nurturing strategy? Your project planning casts what kind of players? what are their personality colors? does that match with your organization zeal, culture i.e. color?…or your mind is asking players?? in Project Planning??…color??

There goes a famous saying “you must have chaos within you to give birth to a star” – Friedrich Nietzsche


“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” —Chinese Proverb

ending on this:

“The best time to answer your first WHY? was when it popped in your mind. The Second Best time is now” – # VachSoch   Click To Tweet



[*About Wilfred Owen poem “Disabled”

“Disabled” is a war poem by Wilfred Owen written in 1917. It expresses the tormented thoughts and recollections of a teenage soldier in World War I who has lost his limbs in battle and is now confined, utterly helpless, to a wheelchair. The subject contrasts the living death he is now facing with the youthful pleasures he had enjoyed “before he threw away his knees”; he goes on to recall the impetuous and frivolous circumstances in which he had joined up to fight in the war. He also notes how the crowds that greeted his return were smaller and less enthusiastic than those who cheered his departure, and how women no longer look at him but at “the strong men who were whole”. Source: Wikipedia]

 Read more at https://litxpert.wordpress.com/2012/03/24/poetry-analysis-disabled-wilfred-owen/


[**About Game Theory:

“A strategic game represents a situation where two or more participants are faced with choices of action, by which each may gain or lose, depending on what others choose to do or not to do. The final outcome of a game, therefore, is determined jointly by the strategies chosen by all participants.” – Source Business Dictionary.com]

Read more: http://www.businessdictionary.com/definition/game-theory.html#ixzz4BXHjYMyJ



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3 thoughts on “Chaos Or Confusion?- Whom to Nurture #VachSoch

  1. Catchy headline! Chaos and Confusion are part of life and unavoidable. Every individual & corporate at some level often faces them either separately or simultaneously. Sometimes people just succumbed to their pressure leaving more chaos and confusion.

    At organization level chaos & confusion could lead to unsatisfied customers, missed deadlines, too many mistakes and finally loss of business.

    However the author has tried to look the brighter side of chaos and confusion by narrating the stories of Spasht and Nishtha with whom we can easily relate in our lives. Confusion could be great motivator for unknown and well chaos could precedes to great changes.

    By illustrating matrix the author has suggested ways to deal with chaos and confusion which would enhance the productivity of employees and hence better coordination & delivery of product & services to their clients.

    However few observations;

    1. Stories of Spasht and Nishtha could have been shorter and simpler.
    2. Can there be better solution to elaborate than matrix?
    3. Not sure if Disabled poem has made article little hazy?
    4. The last part should have been more elaborated and explained i.e. how companies, employees
    and business will benefit from the offered solution.


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