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*This piece is posted under the “Know Now” category, where you  read a news, get to know about the current trends or fads , understand smart technologies, test a hypothesis ,talk research, observe environments,but, not the usual way! Introducing this category to explore the potential of interdisciplinary approach. Here is a modest attempt to take the numbers, the data  (equation)and their stories(emotion) together to paint and showcase useful information (e-information).*

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We all know color, music, words have lasting impressions on human minds and hence the business world is full of Logos, Punch Lines, Jingles and other related promotional stuff.

Psychological studies say color can sway thinking, drive actions, instigate reactions.Using this if we observe deeply we will find it happens the other way round too..i.e. management thoughts, team actions, customer reactions they all can be associated with a color…give it a thought!

The front-end or ‘the user interface’ definitely tells a well planned and designed story but the real work happens at the back-end, its type and details decides how effective or impactful  your message would be in this ever expanding , fast changing digital world.

If the message conveys need satisfying features,authenticity,consistency in a well said manner, it will directly make your brand knowledge equation have a stronger value and hence better positioning and more consumer mind space.

“Working back stage is tiring and optimizing things there can be a towering task, one near simple way would be developing a color based personality of your service,product, people, objectives, events.. in short making your corporate ecosystem follow a color culture”

Color symbolism is a great science to understand for brand promotions to work effectively for your Brand Knowledge Equation. So if your service is to provide rejuvenation & relaxation or luxury feeling through spa,you may go blue.


Just painting the logo blue won’t work, you need to mean it. From your decor, to the nature of the employees that are present in the ‘Moment of Truth’; From founder’s thought to the water cooler talks; From marketing communications to pricing, it should be all blue.

Blue is the color of sky & ocean, nature and intellectual thoughts. It represents serenity and mental calmness. It symbolizes dignity to coolness to spiritual infinity in its various shades.

We all know Luxury comes at a cost, and getting your brand positioning replicated as brand image is a Luxury. Click to Tweet

So not just your customers but if your smartly trained employees go back home satisfied, you have gone blue. Wondering showing a top model enjoying the special manicure at a beach would get the luxury message conveyed?

There are global meanings(Orange is for vitamin C and good health), unique cultural meanings (Orange is sacred and auspicious in Hinduism) and time based (Orange theme followed by a apparel design firm in spring) meanings attached to color, to avoid miscommunication at any point choose a combination and use logic.

So you now have some idea how to start about the content-the real matter for your brand if you have a happy go lucky, trendy, optimistic, vibrant college students as your target segment..Match your product,service,people,conduct,words,culture,location,reach with their wavelength(FYI- every color has a wavelength) – SO,what color you are thinking of? blo 2 content type  2 smiley image Bingo!

About ‘Moment of Truth’

A moment of truth is usually defined as an instance wherein the customer and the organization come into contact with one another in a manner that gives the customer an opportunity to either form or change an impression about the firm.



2 thoughts on “What is Your Brand Content Type?-Pick A Color-#VachSoch

  1. When I started reading this article I had no idea about ‘Color Symbolism’ in marketing but ended up grasping importance of why choosing right color needed careful considerations and evaluation.

    I think author with unique writing style has done quite justice to the subject of article by highlighting various thoughts on human phycology of colors and its instant reaction, back stage deliberations, predicting consumer reactions to consumer-brand convergence at ‘Moment of Truth’. But same time author has cautioned about not every color may have universally accepted feelings or messages to be conveyed to consumers due to cultural differences and If I may add personal preferences.

    Overall such crisp yet quality articles are what people like to read in this age of hyper information.

    Looking forward to read more of such quality writing.


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